Project management and town planning


Technical assistance provides necessary knowledge to end users (companies) to make the best decision to buy, sell and rent.

  • Depending on the type of building, customer and activity, we offer different types of appropriate reports to the every need.
  • Technical town planning reports: Knowledge of permitted uses, building parameters, state of general planning and derivative.
  • Technical construction reports: Analysis of constructive elements, detecting pathologies according to degree of importance and cost of repair.
  • Feasibility reports for new deployments: Determining the feasibility or not for the chosen property, the corrective measures according to regulations to be carried out, geometric constraints according to the lay-out of the user and cost of adaptation works.
  • Lay-out proposal: Distribution embodiment according to customer needs in order to check the geometrical feasibility of property, the resulting surfaces, and the relationship between the different spaces.
  • Construction budgeting: Based on pre-established general distribution, measurements would be made with the intention of obtaining a budget of estimated work in order to obtain information from the final investment.



Drafting of technical projects required for new buildings, comprehensive renovations, change of use of buildings, interior renovations, new activities, etc., consisting of:

  • Interior design
  • Draft
  • Project minor and major works
  • Health and safety study
  • Activity project (environmental)
  • Installation projects (electrical, telecommunications, security…)


Administrative licensing management

Depending on the needs of each client and the type of technical actions required for the property, a specific license granted by the Administration will be needed:

  • Planning permission management.
  • Minor and major building permits with the Administration.
  • New activity license management with the Administration and control bodies.
  • Supply procurement with utility companies.

Site management

The execution of any work will require technical figures indicated by the regulations in force, defining the ones that are strictly obligatory in each case:

  • Construction project management.
  • Discretionary work execution director.
  • Health and safety coordinator.
  • Quality control.

Construction-site control

Construction management services acting as owner throughout the construction process, before award of construction project and throughout its execution, acting as the controller or coordinator for the industrialists that execute construction.

The figure of project manager can generate an awareness of cost, deadlines and scope of work without variations in the course of it, performing the following services:

  • Division of construction into lots for requesting estimates.
  • Request estimates.
  • Homogenization and bid analysis.
  • Award and management of procurement of works.
  • Planning and coordination of the work.
  • Control of the work.
  • Reception and settlement of works.