Why FSC?

In real estate there are uncountable agencies and consultants that offer real estate services, then:

What makes us different from them?

Why do companies working with FSC continue to do so?

Why work with FSC?

Why does FSC really represent my interests?

Following are some of the reasons why our customers trust us and choose us as their preferred provider of real estate services.


1. What are the differences between a realtor and FSC (representing end users)?

FSC is an independent firm, and acts in the interests of end users; for example, it does not provide services to a patrimonial society in the way realtors do.

2. What are the advantages of using the services of FSC?

Our service model can achieve greater benefits than a realtor.

Independence: FSC is an independent firm that acts solely on behalf of end users.

Documentation and processes: All our processes are organized and planned to provide value added solutions to end users. We have extensive experience in the analysis and strategies processes and in the implementation of our solutions always aligning the interests of our clients.

Legal: All stages of the process are evaluated under strict control of our legal department.

Project Managment: FSC ensures that all project risks are transferred to the designers and contractors.

Facility Managment: FSC has a team of architects and engineers with extensive experience that will provide an estimate for each part of the project.

The client will thus have an idea of the costs of implementation and maintenance and may engage the services it deems appropriate with FSC. In many cases, the estimate serves customers as a basis for negotiations with other potential suppliers that the client prefers for particular issues.

FSC is the only interlocutor, being solely responsible for the development of implantation. The client can take the final decisions without having to worry or spend time managing industrialists and/or operators.

3. Can FSC provide search and negotiation services for the management of new locations?

Our services are focused on two aspects; our customers can select any of our services, either separately or an integrated management of their real estate needs, to minimize the risk of their projects. Seeking out and identifying new properties, negotiating lease and/or acquisition costs with owners.

4. Can you save more if you decide to conduct negotiations by yourself?

If we bear the whole process, you can dedicate your time to your core business. We know exactly how to get the greatest savings thanks to our market and proprietor knowledge. We can integrate savings within the contractual terms and conditions to safeguard your position in the future.

5. How do I know that you can offer a service suited to my needs?

Our reputation is based on our approach to service delivery. We are not obligated to any patrimonial society, and therefore have a strong position to offer the best service and results to our clients’ position.

6. How are your services charged?

All our fees are set according to the service required in price schedules. Our philosophy is to remain open and flexible to suggestions from our clients.

7. What is the first stage of a project in search for a property?

The search project starts with an initial in depth consultation to determine present and future space needs. This entails a report outlining the requirements and distribution of space, location, staff requirements, technical facilities, etc.

Once technical and space requirements are established, we prepare an Offer of Services for client review and implementation of the service starts. FSC works with all sources of information: developers, patrimonial societies and agencies. The goal is to put through the availability of properties that meet the requirements of customer demand.