Legal and fiscal services

In the following paragraphs we included a non-exhaustive limited detail of the various services the FERRAN legal department can provide.

I.- Advice on real estate law

In relation to this matter, our services encompass the entire leasing process and real estate exploitation, namely:

Background checks of the properties object of acquisition/lease, state of ownership and charges, preparation and drafting of contracts or documents of a preparatory nature for real estate leases, and assistance to the negotiations until the granting of the relevant contracts.
Negotiation, where appropriate, with credit institutions and drafting of documents for financing operations to be performed.
Negotiating the termination of contracts and handover.
Pre-contentious actions, should they be necessary.
Real estate disinvestment.

II.- Administrative law

Regarding administrative law, we advise the private sector in their dealings with government, agencies and public companies.

III. Legal and commercial advice

Our professional collaboration in this area is summarized in the following aspects:

Advice on drafting, drawing up and negotiating all types of contracts.
Advice on issues of corporate, commercial and civil law.
In collaboration with external professionals, we provide legal assistance in the processes indicated below:

Consulting and implementation of company restructuring operations, mergers and acquisitions of companies, with strategy development, design and, where appropriate, negotiation of those contracts and transactions as necessary to perform such operations.
Issuance of reports or opinions on issues that are requested of us.

IV. Procedural law

This area includes, among others, the following services:

Legal assistance and intervention in the civil courts in all claims or litigation.
Prelitigation and litigation proceedings derived from disputes arising regarding obligations
and contracts.
Intervention and counselling in arbitration proceedings.
Counselling and intervention in conflicts in corporate matters.
* Our fees are determined based on the dedication and degree of experience and expertise of the professionals assigned that the complexity and scope of the assignment requires.