20 May, 2016

IMS Health Projects between 2013 – 2016



IMS Health is a global leader offering information and technology services for businesses of the healthcare industry. It provides its customers with comprehensive solutions to measure and improve their performance. IMS Health has more than 15.000 employees all over the world and offices in over 100 countries and acquired in the last years the companies Cegedim and lasist. Among the clients are pharmaceutical companies, of consumer health, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, researchers, health care providers, public administration and financial services companies. It has its own applications and end-to-end solutions, configurable and connected to a complex database of more than 10 petabytes of health information through IMS One™, a management platform hosting data in the cloud, through which IMS offers its customers comprehensive information about treatments, costs and health outcomes.


Since 2013 FSC has managed for IMS Health the consolidation of offices of over 6.500 m2 in Madrid and Barcelona. The projects were developed with proximity and integrity accompanying the company throughout the project life cycle.

2013 -2015 Lease renegotiation of 5 premises Barcelona & Madrid
2015 Leasehold of offices, 1 of 2.500 m2 Condensa de Venedito
2016 Leasehold of offices of 1.800 m2 Juan Esplandiu (Madrid)
2016 Leasehold of offices of  2.100 m2 Provenza 392 (Barcelona)
2016 Contract termination of 5 premises