Strategic consulting

Buildings are at the service of business activity development. Our contribution involves aligning real estate strategy with the operational and financial needs of the company.

FSC integrates services to get an overview of buildings management. We have extensive experience being the preferred real estate partner or provider to our clients so they concentrate on their core business.

Our goal is to help our customers make smart decisions about their portfolio of properties.

Our processes are organized and planned only to provide services to end users, ensuring excellent services to our clients.

We help maximize the value and return on the portfolio of properties of our customers.

The initial consultation includes the following steps:

We perform a basic consultancy which gives us enough information to help our clients. We need to understand their business strategy and the characteristics of their property management.
We carry out a partial or complete analysis of the portfolio of property under lease and/or equity.
We make proposals for services with the aim of providing solutions in:
– Market research
– Property analysis
– Lease renegotiation
– Contract cancellation
– Leasing
– Sub-letting
– Investment,
– Disinvestment
– Optimization of real estate management, improving spatial distribution, IT systems, energy efficiency, construction, maintenance, security, cleaning, etc.

FSC works by building projects, determining the work team. Moreover, our solutions have in-house technical support (be it legal, engineering or architectural).