Geographical Coverage

Besides over 14 years of experience as FSC, we also have the expertise of the professionals that work with us and the network of local agents that provide the proximity and knowledge necessary to implement solutions for our clients anywhere in the country. FERRAN is part of the Geraldeve International network. Geraldeve International routinely advises multinational clients with their needs within national territory, as well as national clients in international territories.

Our clients are companies with a broad localization in different places in Spain and in different countries. Find an ally for your projects outside headquarters in FERRAN SERVICIOS CORPORATIVOS since we reach the main cities in the world, their periphery, as well as smaller towns and villages. In recent years we have advised our clients in the real estate market in retail, industry, logistics and offices in the main cities in Spain, Europe and the Americas, as well as small populations, away from large urban areas.

In our case studies you will find projects of all types, from large-scale projects in large cities, to small projects in small towns. We go wherever our clients need us to go, our expertise allows us not only to have the allies in many places around the worlds, but also to be able to carry out a complete analysis of any real estate market, anywhere in the world.

FSC is partner of the associations Geraldeve International and SIOR.

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